Solve the problem and the job is yours!

Great opportunity

An innovative way to evaluate applicants! The company gives you a problem to solve: the project will be examined without knowing who you are!

I really like this method to find a new employee: I see a chance to demonstrate my value.

It’s also an opportunity to understand my process and approach.

IMPORTANT: These are projects presented for the challenge. I didn’t work for the firms.

UX Designer for Assist Digital


Analyse the current website and redesign a new user flow or a new feature


Information Architecture

UX Writing

The process

Before design anything, I just wanted to study well the company and understand what they did. Unfortunately it revealed a hard task: I didn’t find a clear value propositionand I felt a sense of inconsistency through the site’s sections.

So I focused on reckoning a new value proposition for the brand, studying what the firm and direct competitor offered.

Then I designed a new structure for the website, to organize the content in a consistent way.

Finally I dedicated myself to present a mockup of a new homepage: I didn’t want to design a disrupting new layout, so I respected lots of previous solutions cause I found that they were in line with the purpose.

All the solutions proposed were directed to show a clear value proposition with the intent to persuade the visitor about the high expertise of the firm.

Project Manager for Rete del Dono


Design new flows for the websites and introduce a possible integration of a streaming platform (description not so clear)


Information Architecture

Visual Design

The process

As for the previous project, when I approach a new work I always analyse the situation in every aspects. Then I decide which problem I have to focus on first of all.

In Rete del Dono’s website there’s a big problem about consistency and organization of the sections: during the navigation, users can find three different headers and menus; or searching for a project, they can bump into different layouts that show the results.

So I zero in on to design a new structure and a new header for the website. In my opinion that was the most serious problem about user experience.

Then I decided to implement little changes about typography and details about some pages of the paramount phases of the user flow.

Finally I presented a possible layout to implement streaming videos in the current UI.

Other Projects

Book App

An unusual case study focused on mistakes, created to challenge the super cool apps where everything goes smoothly.